How to get a discount.

Description: Each guest and client of our service has the right to receive a discount on all exchange directions (the exception is exchange directions that do not provide for a service reward, that is, they are carried out without a commission, in a 1: 1 mode), for other exchange directions there is a discount immediately after registration on the website of the exchange service. There are 5 discount levels in total.

Discount calculation: Discounts increase as the number of completed exchanges increases and directly depends on the total amount for all exchanges, the greater the total amount of exchanges made (exchanges without a 1: 1 commission are taken into account when calculating the discount, but the discount does not affect them), the greater the discount … The maximum discount is 0.5% of the exchange amount.

Individual approach: If you plan to carry out exchanges of large amounts at once (from 1000 USD), write to the operator in the online chat and he will provide you with a discount in the amount corresponding to the level immediately, the operator must provide your email address used during registration, or login in the exchanger.

Discount level table:

• 1st level: 0.1% – for completed exchanges totaling more than 1000 USD
• 2nd level: 0.2% – for completed exchanges totaling more than 3000 USD
• Level 3: 0.3% – for completed exchanges totaling more than 5000 USD
• 4th level: 0.4% – for completed exchanges totaling more than 10,000 USD
• 5 level: 0.5% – for completed exchanges totaling more than 20,000 USD

If you still have additional questions about the system of discounts in our service for exchanging electronic currencies, please contact technical support in any convenient way from the ones presented on the site, the operator will answer you as soon as possible.