What is “account verification”, how else to go through and why is it needed?

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Account verification is the verification of the card’s ownership by its owner. The number of fraudulent card schemes is on the rise every day. Often fraudsters do not have access to the card itself, but only own its data: card numbers, security codes, expiration date, etc. Card verification allows you to find out whether you are actually making a transfer, whether you have a card in your hands.

This is a mandatory condition, without which you will not be able to make an exchange in some directions.

Card verification conditions are simple and do not require much effort. For verification, you need to photograph only the front side of your card against the background of our website. Register , log in and send a photo to us via verification form . The verification process will take a few minutes and is only required once. The card number and the owner’s name should be read in the photo, and in the background (behind the card) a monitor with an open tab of the website should be visible.

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How long does it take to process a request?

The exchange is carried out automatically and by the operator in manual mode, it takes up to 15 minutes after the receipt of payment on request and depending on the workload of our operators.
Except in some cases.

  1. Applications in the direction of Bitcoin are processed by the operator only after the first confirmations of the Bictoin network and are processed according to our regulations, within 15 minutes. Refunds will only be made when 3 Bitcoin network confirmations are received.
  2. There are also rare cases with the Perfect Money payment system, when the Perfect Money system itself stops the transfer for verification. The average waiting time can last from 1 to 8 hours.

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What is Bitcoin confirmation?

Upon receipt of bitcoins, the new owner cannot immediately dispose of them. Once a transaction is completed, it is sent to the Bitcoin network for execution and must be included in a block to become legitimate. The process of including a transaction in a found block is called a transaction confirmation. Inclusion in 1 block = 1 confirmation, when such confirmations are typed 6 and above the transaction is considered confirmed. This feature was introduced to protect against repeated spending of the same bitcoins.

Our exchange service requires 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin network, only after that your application will be accepted for processing in accordance with the regulations.

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How long can it take to confirm the Bitcoin network and what does it depend on?

On average, Bitcoin confirmation takes from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
The confirmation time depends on several components:

1. The workload of the “crypto network”. The more unconfirmed transactions, the longer you will have to wait. You can view the network load by following the link
2. Network commission. In the “crypto network”, the first to be validated are transactions with a large reward for miners. In some cases, if the commission is very small (our commission is generated automatically), the confirmation procedure may take several days.
3. Jumps in the cryptocurrency rate – also increase the verification time. the network load increases sharply. For example, you transferred 0.1 to the exchanger, Bitcoin automatically generated a commission of 50 satoshi, which you paid, and after a couple of minutes (due to the increase in the price and load of the bitcoin network) the commission is already 200 satoshi. Accordingly, your transaction will be confirmed much later.

So with a heavy load of the “crypto network”, a small amount (accordingly, not a large commission), confirmation can be expected up to several days (which does not happen often). But the main thing is that there will still be confirmation!

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Is it possible to refuse an exchange?

If the exchange has not been completed, you can cancel the transaction.

Your money will be returned to you minus the commission of the payment system in which the payment was made, that is, the refund will be made at your expense. To do this, you must tell us the application number and confirm your desire to cancel the transaction.

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Is there a system of discounts for regular customers?

Yes. We have a cumulative discount system.
The terms and conditions can be found by going tofollow the link DISCOUNTS By registering on the site, you automatically become a member.